Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lunar New Year Part I

Time sure flies! It is already the fourth day of the Lunar new year :) How has it been for you?

I have been eating very unhealthily since Reunion dinner , gorging myself silly with my year goodies :( I just stood on my brother's weighing scale earlier after dinner and gosh! it was an alarming figure on the scale..  :X  Yes, no more pineapple tarts and chocolates.. it's back to oats and five grain porridge and simple meals.

What did you eat for Reunion dinner? We did not have steamboat..mum and aunt whipped up some dishes and had 福州 fish balls,  abalone and dumpling ( 饺子 ) soup 。 Alex joined us too :)

We had our dinner one day ahead..on 21st Jan Saturday

Preparing the Yu Sheng 

After a hearty dinner, we had 
dessert :P 
Courtesy of my cousins
Apple pie and ice cream!
That sorta concluded our dinner.. 


Went for KTV with my cousins and bro 
after church on Sunday :) 

It was fun.. 
Been years since I went kTV with them!

Nice pic taken by my bro..
I edited it :P
Cousin Weijie and his gf Rachael

 Us ladies in blue!
This was what my bro wore to church that day..
We all think that he looks like a geomancer (fengshui master) 
It happened so that the building we went to for KTV
has this elevator ad with some gemancer on it
and he posed with it :P

My collection after 2 days....

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