Friday, January 13, 2012

Boxing Day '11 - York Hotel Penang Hawker Fare

After taking an 'inventory' count at my photo albums in my computer did I realised how many backlog blog posts I have!

Not long ago...* really..only just two weeks ago :p on boxing day * I joined my gal friends for lunch at the very popular York Hotel Penang Hawker buffet fare. York Hotel has been having this hawker fare for 25 years! It started in 1986 . The hotel specially flown in these hawkers from Penang to whip up a delicious meal for us :D

I was slightly late but my friends were already there in the snaking queue half an hour before the buffet opens for lunch! It is that popular !

Soon we were seated. All 4 of us were surprised that the buffet isn't like the conventional type. We were looking for tables filled with food but it wasn't like that!

The hawkers were all behind the counters preparing the food there and then is prepared for you on the spot just like in a hawker center setting! 

We were able to get a max.of 2 servings each some of the food were shared . Our bellies were quite bloated our lunch! :P

We were seated at 12.45pm 
* buffet starts at 1pm* 
and look at the queue :P

Nice sunny Boxing day!

Finally we started to eat!

the two soup noodles on top : prawn mee and fish ball kwey tiao soup
bottom: dry fish ball noodles 
I love the both versions of fish ball noodles

 The super long que chay kwey tiao!
Had to wait in line for a few minutes :)

Prawns and aplenty of hum!* cockles*
What's Penang fare if there isn't any 
Assam Laksa!

The colors doesn't look nice on photos..
so here's just a shot of the noodles and gravy..
Very nice! Spicy and sour...

 There's also oyster omelette 
A bit oily thou..oysters were quite big!

Here's something refreshing from the oily ones..
fruit rojak!
We love it..
but the prawn paste is really strong and thick!

 Love it.. there's my fav.rose apple

How about some 
Cuttlefish Kangkong

 They call this "lor bah"
which baffles me..
coz where is the bah?
The lor is like those in lor mee

This is our faaaavorrriteee!
Mian jian kueh! 
The pancake is cripsy at the edges and peanut is crunchy! 
Taste different from the ones we are used to.

We stood there watching how 
the auntie makes it. 

She coated the pancake with some butter 
before sprinkling on the peanut!

 Have I mentioned that there were 
many hungry diners?

The hawkers preparing the food

The Penang cendol is not as nice as I thought..or perhaps i should have said less 
coconut milk and more gula meleka!

Still, it was an enjoyable lunch. We went shopping and later had a spot of tea at PS cafe . Here's us unwrapping our gifts for one another!

 Go check York Hotel's website to 
see when's the next round of 
Penang Hawker Fare Buffet! 

*could be in March 2012*

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