Sunday, December 04, 2011

Wimbly Lu and a chubby baby.

Alex & I spent a leisure day with my good friends on the last weekend of November . We had an early lunch at The Ship ( Nex shopping mall ) . They have been around for quite sometime. Food tasted okay ;on the whole it was quite alright.

Lynn and family went to the library with the kids after lunch and so we parted ways there. The 3 Vs were there too. Youngest child Vito has grown much! He is such a chubby and good looking charming baby!!

look at him sleep!
look at those thighs!
and that cutsy cheeks!
I can't get enough of him :P


After saying our goodbyes with the Lims and 3 Vs, it was just the right time for coffee and desserts.. A drive round the private estates of Seragoon brought us to this quiet stretch of eateries and shops hidden among the houses.

I have ( as usual) read about Wimbly Lu in some blogs and was planning to visit them one day. What better day can it be than to be there with my friends.

~Whimsical logo with a beetle~
and indeed there was a
red WV parked outside the cafe :D

Just right by the entrance was a
very charming old piece of

Dressing tables like this
were very popular in the 60s and 70s!
My mum used to have one!

See that red chair??
My friends n I had such chairs
in our home during our childhood!

This cafe has lots of charming furniture..
some may consider rather mismatch
but I think it's quite nice..

Display cases like this one
is yet another popular piece in the past

Business was brisk and
we had to sit at the back ..

Natural light can come in thru the sky windown..

We shared these

hot chocolate

How sinful!
Root beer float :X

Had a good day with my friends

Ps: I wasn't quite pleased with the standard of service
at Wimbly Lu. One of the service staff has a face
that looked as if we owed him millions of dollars
His face was black and pulled to the ground and
there was no welcome or whatsoever when we entered..
so..yeah..just take note.


Anonymous said...

Hehe you are so surrounded with kids and yummy food!

Eileen. 静 said...

Yes! lots of kids! this yr has seen an abundance of bunny babies!