Thursday, December 01, 2011

Saying goodbye to a dear friend

Imagine picking up everything you have at 18 and uprooting yourself to another country alone..built a career for yourself, made many friends and after fifteen yrs, uproot yourself again to go back home.

Scary and yet exciting at the same time don't you think so? It takes tons of courage to do that. To leave your family and all the familiarity . Yet my friend did just that . He has come a long way ...

We bid goodbye to Thomas two weeks ago. He is back to Germany already and as I write this, all the memories of us having fun during Gamelan practices and performances are flooding my mind :(

Alicia, Mus and I did an earlier farewell for him ..and this was with a few more of our friends.

Chris and Eve got him a farewell present :)

Mum to be Sherina n her hub were there too :)
My cutie god children were present as well..hehe

Dinner was a Medz, a self service
restaurant, similar to Marche

My dinner: Salmon

Some of them had this..
Very yummy but oily
Lamb, beef and mushroom hot plate

Ham to share



Thomas, I hope to see u soon in Munich!
( Maybe within 10 yrs?) :P

Nice backdrop!
Gonna go dream that I am
in Santorini now!

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