Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Ones who watched 东成西就2011

Advertorial Review 

I have not watched a chinese movie in a long while ( not counting DVDs) . Had the chance to catch one with Alex last nite :)

I guess the many big names in the movie
helps in deciding to watch or not
to watch this film .

This movie is a collaboration between mainland China actors and big names Hongkong actors. Most of the China actors are like leaves and the Hk actors are the flowers :)

In recent years, Hk movies are not doing so I sure hope this movie can give it some boost.

Here's a brief storyline :

Ten thousand years ago, eight gods fought incessantly, not realizing that by doing so, they would be demoted into the secular world. They can only return to heaven once they can get along harmoniously.

Ten thousand years later, they meet again in Guangzhou under different modern personas, not knowing they used to be gods. What unfolds is an urban romance full of jokes which can “startle the universe and move the gods”.

When finally they discover that they are the gods who have been transformed into humans, they wonder why the eighth god has not appeared at all. Meanwhile, the newfound harmony is again thrown into disarray by the beginning of a love affair.

To sum it up, it's a chinese Romeo and Juliet story. It's about two star cross lovers (in my own opinion ) who met each other many yrs ago n meet again each time they reborn as humans.

The two main leads, Karen Mok and Eason Chen are two of my personal favorites all these years! Karen first started out in the movie with a morbid grunge look..complete with the black thick eye shadow. The transformation from human to one of the heavenly dragons also sees her morphed into this pretty and sexy cute sweet thing with long wavy locks. She looks immaculate in that tight outfit and you can't tell that she is over 40 yrs old !

Isn't she pretty!!

I think Karen mok saves
the movie!

Eason Chen plays her love nemesis and also the nemesis of the rest of the 7 heavenly dragons. I know he is not the best looking singer and actor, but he has a charm which I like :P

I shall not go into who are the China actors..for I don't know any of them! hahaha.

Other big names you can see in the movie :

Ekin Cheng & William So

Here's one of the brothers
from Solar ( HK band)

Kenny B acted as himself!
The villain wants to engaged Kenny B's band
to play in a concert..

Tang Wei wei ( China), Willam So
& Jaycee Chan ( Jacky Chan's son)

Two China actresses
*whom I don't know*

The movie premier in Beijing..

opens on 8 Dec. in the cinemas!

I love this duet by Karen n Eason in the movies..
Karen sang it first few yrs ago..

Thanks to Homerun Asia & Shaw for the kind invite.

Homerun Asia


The Dead Cockroach said...

I like Karen's back view in the lift!

That China actress playing her stepmom is the latest Xiao Yanzi if I'm not wrong.

Eileen. 静 said...

ooh ...karen's so pretty in the movie.. i dun like that actress who played her stepmum hahaha... and honestly..i can't stand those accents :P