Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Of Yummy 流沙包 ( custard/salted egg yolk bun) at Canton-i

The chinese restaurant my family alwa to at Ion is Paradise Dynasty. I always know there is another chinese restr. on the third floor but just never venture there. So last week was my first time at Canton-i with my aunt.

Started out in M'sia,
Ion is their only outlet in Singapore

Big serving!
I love this chee chong fun..

Couldn't finish this XO carrot cake..
It's nice but oily :X

You just have to eat this!!
The cutest piggy red bean bao!

The best of the day!

The skin is purple coz
they added taro to it..

Salted yolk bun is not a salted yolk bun
if the liquid yolk doesn't flow out of the bun!

This one passed the test!!

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