Sunday, December 11, 2011

Baby Hannah's Baptism

Little did I know that the year of the Rabbit would have such an abundance of baby bunnies. Just when I thought there wouldn't be anymore new bunnies born, Julian surprised me and Liz with him and his wifey's third child! Having two boys, they were more than happy to celebrate the birth of baby Hannah Marie :)

I was invited to join Julian and Frances at baby Hannah's baptism last Sunday 4 Dec . As in was at 4pm, Alex and I had lunch at Upper Thomson before driving up to Woodlands :) ( will post more about lunch later )

It was held at Church of St Anthony's

It was the first time for me ( so was Alex)
attending a baby's baptism in a
Catholic church :)

Baby Hannah must be really sleepy!
She slept thru most parts of the event :D

She's so tiny and sweet..
She's official one month today!
11 Dec

Some tea time snacks we ate at the reception :)

it rained after that and we went to Causeway point for some
window shopping ..

I'm sure Baby Hannah will bring lots of joy and happiness
to Julian n Frances!

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