Monday, November 28, 2011

The One who had desserts at Brunetti

Had a shopping and dessert session with June last wk :D

Both of us love to eat and so happen that we wanted to try out the food at Brunetti. I have read about this Aussie cafe from various blogs, but it is located in Tanglin Mall and the mall is just not quite on my shopping radar so I have not been there for quite awhile.

You will be greeted by the mosaic tiles and the row of display shevles with pretty desserts are on the left. The tables are on the right and it's not really a big place. They do have meals but it's best to have dinner else where and then have your desserts at Brunetti. But having said that, Brunetti does serve some savory items such as sandwiches, pasta n fish n chips ( not a wide selection which is why we didn't have our dinner there ) Oh wait! I just found out that they have breakfast and brunch on the weekend!

Also, June was craving for her mee pok and me for some pipping hot soup.. :P So we had a simple and economical dinner at the food court.

Here's a shot of the entrance..

oh so yummy cakes!!

pretty macaroons
( but I am not a fan)

Pralines and chocolates!

So inviting..

We had this very delicious cream dessert..
( i forgot the name)
This is really good

and also chose the tiramisu
This is nothing extraordinary :P

June's 扁白 ( kidding!)
It's actually flat white ... :P

And this is my
Italian hot chocolate!
Very thick, very choclatey!
has a bitter sweet taste

I love it..
best to drink it hot.. :D

We went around shopping and taking photos
after leaving Tanglin mall..

Most of the malls along Orchard Road
have dressed up for Christmas!

We took some pics outside Tanglin mall too!
Very cute decor..and we were just in time for the
'snow'! * think lots of soap to create a foamy bath..*

Gonna be wet and soapy~~ !

Heheh..cute snowman!

More Xmas decor outside
Ion Orhard

Snowman n raindeers
inside snow domes!

Here's us with the
Ion tree

U can climb up to the viewing area
How cool!

Enjoy this Christmas Season!!

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