Sunday, November 20, 2011

The One at the World Orchid Convention

It was my first visit to the Marina bay sands convention halls just a few days ago. The crowd was overwhelming ! Oh, don't you know that the World Orchid Convention was in town for a wk?

Orchids from all over the world came together for a show down at this exhibition .

I joined Wei Ting and some of her gardening forum friends at this exhibit. Our tickets also allow us to enter the Flower dome at the Gardens by the Bay :) We spent too much time at the main exhibit hall so by the time we moved on to the Dome, it was already 7.30 or so. Little did we know that they only have 'ambiance lighting ' in the Dome in the evening! So it was really dark and we couldn't see much of the plants inside! I was quite disappointed since I can't take that many photos and neither can I see those gigantic bottle trees or that 1000 yr old olive tree :(

Ah, anyway, despite that major disappointment, we still had fun.. but we were really tired at the end of the day. All that walking , bending down to take photos of the flowers, waiting for friends did take a toll on our bodies!

I am just gonna show you some of the pretty orchids at the exhibit . Enjoy!

There's a section of pitcher plants!

Pretty purple hues!

Some landscaping pieces
Kampong living..

Nice burst of colors

Another landscaping piece

Green apples and orchids!

How about a orchid
bridal bouquet?

Lots of pretty white and beige
orchids line the entrance

On our way to the dome..

I will post more pics on the dome next time!
That's all for now :D

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