Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gardens by the bay at night..

Did you enjoy my previous post about the orchid convention? Anyway, by the time we managed to walk to the Flower dome, it was already evening. We have no idea that the dome isn't well illumined! We could hardly view the trees and flowers on exhibit!! You're damn right that we were greatly disappointed! Coz if we had knew, we would have toured the dome first! :(

Well...here are some photos that I managed to take and brighten up a little.

I must say , the lights from the flyer and gardens are very nice.

I took this from the link bridge
Pretty isn't it!!?

look up!

This was taken near the dome

Was there with Wei Ting and
her gardening friends :)

Let's enter the dome...
Nice thing about the dome is that
the temp.is kept around 23 dec C

This is how bad the lighting is..
the guides explained that
it was done to create a different mood
to differentiate day and nite.. :(


More cactus

These plants were specially brought in from
the Mediterranean

This is a very dim photo of
a 1000 yr old olive tree

Big place..

Orchids and crystals..
how lavish..

Here's a big fake orchid to end this entry :P

Some info about the garden


1.2 hectare (about 2.2 football fields)


Overall surface area: 16,000m2

3,332 glass panels of 42 varying shapes and sizes




23°C to 25°C

Other Features

  • The Flower Field will feature changing displays of temporary flower beds to reflect different seasons, festivals and themes.
  • An indoor event space that can accommodate up to 1,000 people

Click here for more info on the Gardens and Domes

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