Saturday, November 19, 2011

Morning updates

Good morning ~
( Writing this at 11 am on a Saturday :P )

Have you eaten your breakfast?

Like many of you...we too love half boiled eggs ..that feeling of eating one is simply divine :P

This is how one should eat half boiled eggs.. slurp it all down !


I have too many things to write about, just dunno which one to start with~!
and I don't have the time today to do a complete one

Here's a quick sum up of what I will write about :P

Met up with a few Instagram friends at the colorful Rocher flats
to take a few shots and lunch.

Visited the World Orchid Convention with Wei ting and some of
her gardening friends few days ago..

Took this shot at the bridge linking MBS to the Gardens

one of the many beautiful orchids I shot

Stay tuned for more!!

Us being silly ..
taking shots on yet another
camera app on my phone..

It was free few wks back..
now it is back to USD$0.99

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