Friday, October 21, 2011

Of Ben n Jerry, fruit beer and clouds!

It was Ben and Jerry's Chunkfest last Saturday at the Marina Promontory :) Before Mr Toh and I check out the booths over there..we had lunch at my estate hawker center..

A friend recently moved back to our tiny island after a 2-3 yr stay in Sweden. She brought back some fruit beer for me and Liz :) Managed to share one can with Alex over lunch..

hahah.. erm..yes..kinda bimbotic

So we head off to the fest ..

it was such a hot day~!
but I had such a great time taking shots
of my clouds!!

And here we are!
Had to buy tokens in order to make purchases at the fest..
we had two cups of ice cream..and they don't come cheap!!

There were activities where we could
take part in..
but with a token..

The Animal Lovers League
set up a booth there too..
(I used to volunteer there for few mths.)
We supported them by purchasing these two !!

I hug him to sleep :P

The calender features the furry friends
from the shelter..
check out the cat on the left!
Looks like an owl!

i love this shot ...

we were somehow peckish
after spending some time under the sun...

more dessert!
Creme Brulee and pear tart
from Glace ( Marina Bay link mall..)
Thumbs up for the pear and creme brulee..
but I found the biscuit part kinda hard :P

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