Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mr Toh & Eileen visits Ann Siang Hill...

Mr Toh's first visit to Ann Siang Hill :)

I felt like a tour guide bringing him around the area. It was a good trip as we managed to explore most parts of Ann Siang and Club Street. We found great places to eat in and have marked it down for further dates :)

There are so many pretty and damn retro shop houses at this area...

I wish i can rip this grill and
bring it home...

just outside K.Ki

pretty pretty peranakan tiles

Let's see if there's any letter..

We fell in love ...
with Mr Scotti!
He's the boss at Woods in the Books!

Old and defunct well

open your eyes wide
else you will miss this cute graffiti!


It's dessert time at

on the right & bottom: Basil milk chocolate with Bitter Orange
on the left : Tiramisu
( we didn't quite fancy the bitter orange)

Gryphon tea..

Enjoying my tea

His usual latte

We will be back :)

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