Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The one who vistied Children Little Museum

Have you heard of the Children Little Museum?
Having seen a friend's photos of this place, I was charmed by everything they have there!

After our coffee session at Masion Ikkuku, we decided to swing by Kampong Glam.. and staring back at us near the mosque is the quaint shophouse filled with retro, vintage items! Most of the items on the first level are for sale..and the 'museum' is on the 2nd level.

Here's the shop house!

Look out for the robot outside...

Oh, did I mention it's $2 per person
for admission to the 2nd level?

Before we head upstairs..
let me show you what we found at the back of the shop house

wish I am in Italy!

Brings back lots of childhood memories!

Remember this?
I wonder if any salons are still using this!

it's a great place for kids..
let them understand how life was for us
We didn't grow up with computers..

surely you know how to play with
5 stones! Having a rather small hand..
I always have had difficulites picking up
all 5 stones ...
( $1 for a set )

Full of nostalgia

lots of girls like making crochet dresses for
such dolls...
hmmm...kinda worried that they may
come alive at night :P

Look! Golliwogs from Enid Blyton's stories..

My childhood chinese educational 'magazine'!
the colorful cover ones were from Hong kong.

I had a similar book case like this!
and see that yellow water bottle?
Alex had one of those..

Used to play with paper dolls!

My mum made these quilted
blankets for us too!
Check out that pair of shoes..
how cute!

Baby toy in the 70s

No idea what is inside the box..
but I do recognise those two...
Ah Pui and Ah San!

the both of us had a wonderful time
going back to our childhood.. :)

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