Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Trivia

As we all know, everyday life can get a little slow and stale from time to time. What are some of the things you do "sneakily" to help you get by during the work day? Stalk a friend on facebook? Play some games? Chat with friends over msn?

Here's what I do pretty often when the day is slow or when I am just bored :P I love blog hopping! Yes.. it's quite fun really. People some what enjoyed writing about their relationship problems on their blogs. ( I do write about mine..but not in great details) There are girls who go as far as writing about their intimate encounters. So if they chose to let readers in to that part of their lives, I wouldn't bat an eyelid when I read about it.

And when they open up that part of their lives, do not blame the outside world for judging them or leaving them nasty comments.

It's the consequences of allowing people to know that part of your life. That's social media for you. I must say it's funny thou coz those readers doesn't know these 'bloggers' in reality so who are they to condemn ? But that's how it is. People sometimes do take things at face value. First impression counts almost all the time~

Always be aware of what are the things you write and post on your blog. People will continue to scrutinize no matter what.

So you asked..what are the type of blogs I read?Hmm... pretty girls' blogs.. food blogs with yummy food photos.. blogs with pretty pictures.. fashion blogs..

Okay~! I am gonng hop to another blog now!

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