Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby Vito's 满月 Celebration!

Celebration of a new born!

I mentioned in an earlier post of the recent new born in my social circle :D

Baby Vito Lim is my good friend, Lynn's 3rd child! Yeah.. 3rd! She is amazing I tell you. With Vivia and Val ( her two girls ) still being toddlers, having a baby now is by no means an easy feat!

It was a tuesday evening when we celebrated with her family and friends to welcome the cutie :)

Check out his cheeky grin and
his big eyes!

His chinese name is

The catering company did
a great job with the buffet table!

Sumptuous spread of food!
很好吃 !

Such pretty cakes :)

Everybody loves the eclair!
( Fat me managed to eat two :P )


Most of our girl friends couldn't attend
due to one reason or
only Irene & I were present :P

Lynn looks good for a lady who has just given birth!
You can't tell that she is a mother of 3!

Happy Family..
oops..missing Vito~

The happy big sister!

We got 'caught' by the candid camera :P

Me and Val

The event was held at Lynn's aunt's condo
nice pool side at nite :)

I wish dear Lynn n Vincent a happy and
healthy family and may the kids
grow up happily ~!!

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