Tuesday, September 13, 2011

中秋節 Mid Autumn Celebration

We were not the only bunch that was armed with moon cakes and lanterns at the Marina Barrage on Saturday night. The whole place was littered with groups of friends and families either having dinner at the 7 storey restaurant or just having a fun time picnicking on the roof top green :]

Having visited the place on numerous occasions, this is by far one of the nites that is really packed with people . Call me spoiled or pampered or even lazy...but without private transport, I prob.wouldn't go all the way there on public transport! LOL

Well, if you are *ahem* around my age.. you would very likely to remember the rows of cheap BBQ steamboats which attracted teenagers and young adults in the late 90s . There was a big patch of field just right in front of the BBQ stalls..that's also where I first tried my hands on kite flying! Those were the days!! And now kite flying takes place on the barrage roof top! How things have change..! Ah! So much for reminiscing .. Let's return to present :P

Before we headed to the barrage, Jandy, Alex & I managed to surprise dear Irene to decorate her own bday cake at Icing room *_^

It's a good way for Irene and Jandy
to embark on being more creative!

After the cake decorating session,
we had dessert at Honeymoon Dessert,


Thanks Irene for the yummy mooncakes!

It's the first time we are
celebrating Mid-Autumn together~

~Early celebration for Irene~

Happy Birthday Irene!

I hope you had an equally memorable Mid Autumn!

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