Saturday, September 24, 2011

~ The Antoinette~

I came to know of this charming restaurant when I visited Mandarin Gallery ( was at Browhaus for my eyebrow appt) . Was really attracted to the whole concept. I didn't pop in that day. I realised they have two other outlets and one of them is just a stone's throw away from my place ~! It's just 5 mins away..and after looking at all the pics on other blogs..i knew I just had to go there..

It is at the oddest place you can imagine ^_^

The exterior could easily pass off as a cafe in Paris was just so quaint :P but step off that pavement and you soon realised are still in Singapore .

love the doors!
some kid parked her scooter at the door.. :X
made my photo looked so erm.. argh..
you know what i mean.. damn.

Totally East meets West~~!!!

You are greeted with all these pretty cakes as
you enter the cafe..

A lovely place for girls' tea time:D

Have a drink!

Tea Time
Apple tea

Do note that if you are having lunch or dinner..
it's better to choose or reserve a proper table..
the one I sat at was those 'low' ones..
having tea and cake is fine..
but imagine having to bend forward to eat..

The recommended signature cake..
named after the cafe

~ The Antoinette~
milk chocolate mousse infused with earl grey tea,
dark chocolate earl grey tea cremuex,
genoise chocolat with earl grey tea,
praline feullitine with earl grey tea,
liquid raspberry sphere

Pop the cherry!!

Out oozes the liquid raspberry
oohh.. mini explosion of sort

The interior

This particular outlet may
not be as dreamy as the one at
Mandarin Gallery

Centerpiece flora arrangement

Different chairs for different tables

love the restroom! :P

Reminds me very much of
Canele at Robertson Gallery

That's because the pâtissier was previously
from Canele :P

30 Penhas Road
Singapore 208188
Tel: 62933121
Monday - Thursday : 11am to 10pm
Friday - Saturday : 10am to 11pm
Sunday : 10am to 10pm

Just 5 mins from Lavender Mrt
( behind City Lights condo )

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