Monday, September 26, 2011

Eileen Eats- Figos Grail ( closed)

Were your eyes glued to the Tv over the Grand Prix weekend ..watching the race on tele? Or were you at the Marina area watching it live with all the fan fare and vbroom vbroom going round and round?

I was not interested in it but my Mr Toh is . Indeed he is a F1 fan. I have to say that having the night race does do some good to the tourism industry . But traffic's a mess during the F1 season though..and will be till Tuesday 27 Sept!

Oh alrighty..moving along..

I had a quick massage on Saturday & met Alex for late late lunch after that. I recently heard that the radio dj , Zhou Chong Qing aka Aunty Lucy just opened a new restaurant at Katong. We decided to head to the Katong area to try out Figos Grail .

Figos Grail is neighbors with Pasta frasca . It's not too difficult to find. There are lots of other cafes and eateries in that stretch .

Let's go in..

paintings and photos lined
both side of the restaurant
The above paintings are for sale...

Chong Qing n his friends'
travel photos

Design of the place is simple..

incase you think where's the crowd..
that's because it was already 3pm
and we are the last diners for lunch !~

Last order for lunch is 3pm..
(for wkend only)
It's very much a travel theme place..
as in the menu has dishes from different countries.

Here's what we ate :P

Hawaii Seafood Cake with
Chili-Coriander-Mango Salsa


Mushroom soup :)

My "Chong Qing Brown Rice Fried Rice "
Shrimps were very fresh..
Was a tad sweet and abit salty

Thai Smoked Duck Pasta
with Coriander Leaf

Spicy and sweet!

One of the partners spoke to me while
Alex went around to look for a parking space.
Quite a friendly chap.. Asked I did I get to
know this place.. I actually followed
Chong Qing's tweets..that's how :P

it's a newly opened restaurant.
I am sure they do have teething issues.
So give them room for improvement..

Our experience was okay..
just a tad longer wait for our dessert
which is baked upon ordering..

Molten Valrhona Chocolate Cake with
Berries and Vanilla Ice Cream

are you drooling already!?!

Alex was short of licking up the plate ... :P

Look at what section I'm read..
"where to eat'! " :P

We had a fun time taking photos..

Overall it was a nice experience.

( Closed)
308 tanjong katong rd
Singapore 437091

Tel: 81838797

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