Friday, September 23, 2011

Of Dakota Crescent

A place where time stood still -- Dakota Crescent

With some time to spare after our dinner at Old Airport Food Center, we hopped over to the housing estate just opposite of the food center. I have always been intrigued by those flats there. Apart from being old, there is a quaint charm to this place. It is a kampong by itself..a place where time stood still..

Playground within the "sandbox"!
Here today... may be gone tomorrow

how old is this flat?
40 yrs old?

Some of the flats here go way back to

love those details on the flats..

Possibly the oldest lift?
We went on a ride ..
it is one of those lift that will
"bounce'' upon reaching the selected level

I was half worried if we would be trapped in it :P

back to the 60s lift button

ooh! does not stop at every level

lift maker

ok.yes..i am quite fansitated
by this old lift...

the air vent on the ceiling..

This estate also houses many cats..
quite well taken from what we can see..

This is one pretty kitty

Say hello!

The sun has set...
and we left for our movie at Kallang Leisure...

I will be back with a proper camera to capture this place again!
wanna join me? :)


FoodieFC said...

Ah, you went dakota! Did you try the Lao Ban beancurd at Old Airport FC?

Eileen. 静 said...

had my dinner there before exploring the estate..and i saw lots of pple queing for the tau huey :D but nope.. no space for bean curd after my dinner.. would try it when I go again !