Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Star Cruise Getaway

Have you been on a cruise? Some of my friends have not. It's a great way to do nothing for 3 days ! It isn't really doing nothing..but it's quite a no brainer to be going for a cruise. * unless it's a ten to twenty day cruise which I have yet to be able to afford *

Hmm.there is no better way but to say it straight.. this was my 3rd time on Star Virgo :P

The first time was eons ago.. back to the days when digital cameras were newly invented! I went with 3 other friends. The second time was with my mum and aunt 7 years ago. Third would be this time! I shan't reminisce too much about the past .. but I have to say, the room is so much bigger this time and we have a balcony! :P

This is me..7 yrs ago!

This is me ..just a few
wks ago at the same place!

Alex's colleague n gf
were our 'travel' partners

Kids' pool

The first thing we did after going on board
was to soak ourselves in the jacuzzi


Finally the casino opened its doors..
but we didn't make a beeline for it..
Instead, we went for more food!
Food that came with the package was really bad..
especially so at the chinese restaurant

Vegetables were okay..
but I can't say much for the seafood..



Jackpot machines are aplenty on board..
We played a few rounds of it..
and got $30 in winnings. :P

more random photos

See this area?
Wouldn't it be great if we can do
a "Titanic" shot here?

But no.. this area is locked up :P
No access!

Here's us with Alex's colleague
Kok Ban

Nice girl, Kok Ban's gf- Sherry


Will post about our half day trip to
Rendeng later :)

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