Monday, August 15, 2011

Hooked on Dramas again!

Just finished this 16 parts Korean drama

I like these two leads - 尹恩惠 & 姜至奂. 尹恩惠Yun Eunhye was the lead for Goong as well as Coffee Prince. She's one of my fav. korean actress :D

As for 姜至奂, I first saw him on 加油!金顺..and immediately he caught my eye . Well, he is not exactly handsome or some heart throb... I just find him appealing hehe.

It's quite a romantic drama... I enjoyed it very much. Watch it if you have the time~

This taiwanese drama is currently showing on cable
Have finished watching it yesterday! :)

I like Rainie Yang's dramas... been her fan for quite sometime ..

Another Korean drama!
This is currently airing in Korea..
Patiently waiting for new episodes to be uploaded

The female lead is 金宣兒 Kim Seon-A, the one who acted in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Gone is the fat girl Kim Sam Soon , instead, she is very skinny in this drama! Oh, I found out that she is actually around my age hahaha. The male lead is someone I have never seen before.. 李東旭 Lee Dong Wook

So yeah, I have been watching dramas after dramas these days!

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