Saturday, August 20, 2011

Eileen Eats- Itacho Sushi

I have always wondered what's the big deal about this sushi place when I saw people queuing at the Ion outlet. Isn't it just another Japanese sushi restaurant? So never once have I joined those people to que for a table outside Itacho Sushi Ion.

Shortly, my cousin, Wei jie, (who is very quite '
discerning' when it comes to food) told me how yummy the food is at Itacho, how different the sushis are.. I know I just had to eat some!

So yeah..I am quite way behind times..and only found out recently that BugisJunction has one outlet at the basement! Along with my aunt, I finally found out about the magic at Itatcho :P

Okay, I am not all praises about this place. One thing that irritates the "sheet"
out of me is having to tick the items that you wanna order off their many many
pieces of order forms!

There are at least 5 different colored order forms
and you choose what you want from the picture menu ,
and tick them off the forms.

Are we not paying for service charges?
I managed to tick off my items after a long time * 15 mins*
and only to find out that you can verbally order with the wait staff

So , remember, do not waste your time looking for the items
on those stupid forms. Just call for the wait staff.

Here are some of the items we tried.

Food is fresh I must say..
and it comes with a price! :P

After eating Itacho, my taste buds refuse to
touch Sakae Sushi
( unless I am desperately in need of salmon )

Lobseter salad with sake sushi

layered tamago

Spicy salmon fish head

Mini mixed sashimi rice
Really mini... just 3 mouthful :P

Awesome !

grilled pork

lobster and lobster miso!

will be back to try more delicious sushis!

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