Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Eileen's Birthday Lunch : Au Petite Salut

So yes, my birthday came and went.. but the celebration is kinda still on going :P There are still a couple of friends whom I have yet to meet and still have a massage to go to! ( brother gave this present to me )

On my birthday itself, I celebrated with Alex in the day and we met two other friends for dinner .

Au Petite Salut Set Lunch

It was quite difficult deciding where to go for my birthday lunch. I actually booked 3 places~~! The emerging winner was Au Petite Salut at Dempsey. I have been there once..and love love love the food there! It never failed us on Saturday :D

Love the greenery

A group has already booked the indoor dinning area for their event, hence we can only sit outdoors. It was actually nicer than sitting inside :)

We were given a table near the water feature

30 July 2011

Bread basket
finished all of them..
such a sucker for bread n butter :P

We chose the Set Lunch each ( $32++)

My snail starter

Awesome! the garlic , herbs and butter~
great mix for the snails... hmmm..

He's not a fan of shell ( Mollusks) food
so it was salmon tartate for him..

Next up....
My main- Beef cheeks with red wine :)

beef cheeks lying on the mashed potato and carrot on the side
I finished every single morsel

Alex's main
Pork shoulder stewed in wholegrain mustard
lying in a bed of creamy polenta

( Polenta is made with ground yellow or white cornmeal * ground maize*
which can be ground coarsely or finely
depending on the region and the texture desired)

How can I miss out on desserts!

He chose the choux ( sounds like shoo) buns with ice cream~

Here's mine
Homemade pear tart tatin served with vanilla ice cream

Found the pear a tad too sweet :P

Our lunch ended with us sipping
sub standard coffee.

It was an enjoyable lunch nevertheless!


Anonymous said...

your blog is full of drool-worthy food pictures!

Eileen. 静 said...

:D thanks ! it's not easy.. to eat or not to eat..putting on weight!