Tuesday, August 02, 2011

29 July 2011- End of an Era

29 July 2011 Friday marked a milestone in my life.. It was finally the last day at work! Truth is, as much as I wanted to leave the job at this company, I was also kinda sad . It still has been manageable working with my colleagues but other aspects were not ideal..far from ideal to be honest.

Took some photos with the guys on the last day....


Went off to meet Liz for dinner and drinks after work

We were however too worn out to be in a
celebratory mood.

for some reason, both of us were just 'sian'
but managed to perk up a bit after cracking some jokes :P

Thanks for the pretty scarf!

had to add effects for we looked too tired~

Planning to wear this
on my 3 day 2 night cruise :)


Will try to post more of my birthday photos later :)

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