Saturday, August 06, 2011

She is a happy lady :)

For a person who doesn't celebrate his own birthday, it was sweet of him to suggest cake decorating at Icing Room :)

I realised how much creativity and patience
a pâtissier requires when it comes to cake decor~
It was fun at first..however we got carried away
and the design didn't turn out the way we wanted :P

Mr Toh~ Thanks for the experience


Dinner was steamboat at Le Le Pot..
It was packed with hungry people!
Reservation is a must else be prepared to que in line...

Two kinds of soup base- Laska and herbal chicken

It's ala carte steamboat buffet...
the amount served depends on the no. of pax

We shared the cake with Jandy and her beau after dinner.. :)

20 years of friendship and still counting :)


Miso said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Very nicely decorated cake!

Eileen. 静 said...

Thanks Miso! :D