Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Three Bunny Babies

Introducing the Bunny Babies !

First Bunny Baby - Jeslyn Woo

She is Alex's newborn niece :)

~Sweet 'lil girl~
She will be one month on 27 Aug!
Auntie Eileen has prepared a present for u !

Second Bunny Baby
Vito Lim :) He is Lynn's son, and also will be her last child! Her hands are really full with 3 kids!
Hats off to her! It is already quite a feat taking care of one child..not to mention 3 !!

This little one has 2 elder sisters for company~
The sisters are very entertaining ..
Full of energy!

Will be attending Vito's full month celebration
on 6 Sept :)

Third Bunny Baby

Ian Lim- Christine's son! Also my god son! :D
Born on 16 August

Check him out!
Look at his cheeks!
and such a cheerful baby
Can't wait to carry him again..

My cutie
god children :P

Visited dear Christine at the hospital..
So happy for you my dear friend!

As you can see, my days are filled with babies and
full month celebration parties these few wks !
You will see more baby photos in this space these couple of weeks!

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