Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sorrowful Abyss

It hasn't been easy.

How long ago was it when I posted on both this space as well as on Facebook that I have tendered my resignation, how long time has passed and I am still doing the handing over? Let's just say there isn't really a proper hand over. On top of my normal duties, fatty piece of shit boss made me write 'instructional' manuals for all the admin duties I am currently performing! Lovely. Enough is enough. My last day in this company has been extended and extended.

I cannot emphasis more how tired I am of being 'nice' to him. That is because deep down I am faking it ! I hate myself more than anyone for letting myself walk down this path. His demands gets more and more each day as it draws near to my leaving. It has never been my style to write into details about what goes on at work. Those things that happen at work could have been a book of many chapters by itself! It would have been a saga I say.

Yes, I feel that I have reached a sorrowful abyss. One that will take me a while to climb out of. I am very thankful that I have good friends who cares for me. Without them, I wouldn't have lasted so long in this place. The day is near.. I hope you can read about me really leaving this company for good in the next one to two weeks.

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