Sunday, July 10, 2011

Exploring and Crossing the Ulu Pandan Railway Bridge

We were at Bukit Brown early one morning and after we were done with our trail there, it was quite an impromptu trip to Clementi Sunset way area.

After a lazy lunch and ice cream treat, we decided to check out the defunct rail way tracks and bridge just behind Clementi Arcade .

We were wondering how to climb up..
check out the 'tree' that flourished on the bridge :D

I found this photo on Picture Archives Singapore..
it was dated 1991
compared with the one I took above..
see how different it looks now

Would have been cool to stand up there..looking down..
but I realised how 'scary' it was when I was up there!

We got up!
go around to the other side where the flats are
and climb up the slope there

The wooden planks are eroding away..
so be very careful if you wanna go
across the bridge. Walk on the metal area instead..

I don't have an issue with heights..
but i have an issue with the empty spaces
in between the pieces of metal plates!
it was freaky ... and we didn't have the courage
to walk further in..
Wei Ting and I decided the spot where we took the
photo was as far as we could go ....

My dear Mr Toh was braver..
He managed to walk further in and
took some pics for me !

No..none of us dare to walk on this part..
Proved too much for our weak hearts..

This bridge will soon be gone..
It has been cornered up and some
machines are placed near by for
demolition :(

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