Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lazy Relish lunch and Udders Ice Cream at { My Village Mall} :)

It was through my friend Ruth, that I found out about the newly renovated ( mostly dinning ) area at Seragnoon Gardens has finally opened. It is now called My Village. In the past, it used to house diners like Cafe Cartel and Coffee beans. Used to hang out there with Christine :D

Have decided to check out this place with Mr Toh. After doing some 'homework' as where to eat our late lunch, we chose Relish. It is a cozy place that offers burgers and all day breakfast sets as well as some fruit beers ! This is the 2nd branch for Relish. The first is at Cluny Court ( Bt.timah). I have always wanted to try Wild Rockets at Emily Hill, but still has not gone up yet.. :P
( Selegie area is not far from my place! I should venture there soon !) so I guess I will just have to settle for the more affordable fares offered by Willin Low at Relish .

I love the full length glass window
and the old school seater :)

We managed to get a table just next to the window

It was already 2 pm when we dug into our lunch!

Mr Toh's breakfast platter

My Wild rocket burger does has rocket leaves..

Burger itself is about $10, add on $2 for fries :)
( I can't remember the exact prices )

I will be back at Relish for more food!


After a hearty meal, we checked out the
roof top open space at the building.

I love how the shadows are being cast

Not much of a view..( only 4 story high)
but we were greeted by these flowers~!

pretty yellow against the blue sky :)


After the wee tiny bit of 'sun tanning'
Mr Toh was perspiring buckets ..
what better way to cool him down
than giving him his ice cream treat?

He has grown to be a fan of Udder's
Mao Shan Wang ...
Having down one scoop of that...
we also had this..

Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla on waffle!

caught texing away :P
i was checking out instagram!

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