Monday, June 27, 2011

Railway Trail with Singapore Nature Society & The Green Corridor

You know how we usually take things for granted? Assuming that someone or some object or a place will be there "forever''..There has been a big fanfare lately in Singapore with two such places . One is the railway station which will be moving to Woodlands and the other place that has created quite a buzz is the Bukit Brown Cemetery . It has been recently announced that there developments are in the pipe line for Bukit Brown. It is kinda sad to see these places becoming a part of history .

I have never really pay much attention to the railway station to be honest. To me, it is just an old building that belongs to Malaysia. The only time I ever travelled on a train was from Singapore to KL when I was 8 yrs old :)

So as the day of the closure of the Tanjong Pagar station draws near,( not many days left now.. the last day is 30 June ) many people have been flocking to the train station to take photos or just to take a last look at this lovely building.

With the closure of the train station, it also means that the rail way tracks would not be in much use anymore. So yes, the railway tracks and the bridges which the trains run through will also be dismantled in time to come.

Having read and saw photos of some of the tracks as well as train station, it kinda made me want to go take a look :) And so I did :P

Wei ting and I joined the Nature Society and the Green Corridor for an exploration on the railway tracks. Taking a morning walk like this makes me feel good and i love taking photos of what i see along the way. The walk started at Bukit Timah Railway Station which is a short walk from King Albert and it ended at Old Holland Road..around ulu pandan area..

Sit back and take a look at some of the photos I have taken along the way :)

Start of our walk...

Trains no longer stop at this station..but it is still a functioning station ( till end of June )
And there is still a station master
and some workers here..

The station

Post card of the station

I have taken a liking to walks as well as
exploring such places in S'pore.

It is a pity that alot of these places will give
way to new developments :(

The Green Corridor is negotiationg with the gov. about
leaving some of the woodlands surrounding
the railway tracks untouched.

Lots of us at the walk were
snapping away on our cameras at
this passing train :)

Such a rarity
Nicely laid brick bridge..
I wouldn't be surprise if this is more
than 100 years old..

it reminds me of scenes
out of some literature book
Pride and Prejudice perhaps ?

We were told that this used to be a river,
but has now become a monsoon drain
yes, the drain is of coz man made..
how nice if it was left in its original state?

Near the end of our walk..

View from Old Holland Road

It has been a fruitful trip..
I would return to this place soon..
Care to join me ?

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If you like nature :

I was at the Tanjong pagar railway station a month before it's closure.
See more photos here


Miso said...

I like to read about the places that you explore in Singapore too! HK is a nice place to go F&E, many outlying islands to explore too!

Eileen. 静 said...

yeah..i miss HK. My first and last trip there was more than 10 yrs ago! :P