Friday, June 24, 2011

Eileen Shops: Some worthy mentions

I haven't been posting my shopping stuff in awhile..'s not because I didn't shop ( now we all know that isn't possible at all :P ) It's just that I have bought too many things and I don't know what should I post!

Here are some worthy mentions :D


Leather pumps during some random Isetan sales
Haven't even worn it out cos it has been raining!

Bought this cute red pair during Puma sales


Skin Care

I am and have been going on walks and these two items will surely come in handy :)

So will these :D
The Biore one is sunscreen. I love it coz it doesn't feel sticky at all! Downside is it contains some alcohol which explains the coolness upon application . The other two items are makeup base and primer which has SPF too :) I can't stress enough how important sunscreen is to our skin. And drink more water!

Need more protection and moisture for my skin.. here's a leave on night mask that smells great and it has received lots of raves from other users :)

I knew I woudn't be able to resist the new packaging of this brand of mask which I have been using. There are ten sheets of strawberry milk masks inside the box. They smell really nice .

See? Aren't they cute! I am gonna wash and keep these plastic wrappers after using the masks :D

Okay.. thats all for now ~ * returns back to her work * :P

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