Thursday, May 12, 2011

Eileen's Shopping bag

Just a quick post on some of the skincare and make up I bought in the past mths.. There were more stuff.. but hehee.. I only dare to post these :P

I love the Biore Sunscreen as
it is not sticky when applied to my arms n legs
I guess it's partly due to some alcohol content in it
But as long as I don't use it on my face.. a little
should be okay..I totally dislike the sticky kind :P

I got the Kate makeup base as well as
the jelly mousse primer from
Tony Moly.

Can't resist the watery moisturizer
from Faceshop. Stock up on my regular
eyemasks as well as the eye gel.

Got these two from ebay
and my bro brought it back
from the States for me :) there u go...
Did I pamper myself too much?
I know I am not alone~~~


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