Sunday, May 08, 2011

Eileen Eats : Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant

Wei Ting was craving for korean food and so what can we do about it? We go and eat it of coz! :D

It was lunch at Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant located at Upper Thomson Road. I love this area as there are so many delicious varieties of cuisine to be found in this neighborhood.

The first thing that caught my attention when I first stepped in to Auntie Kim's was that all their waiting staff were donned in the traditional Korean costumes :) There were Korean inscriptions on the glass panels as well...quite a nice touch. Ambiance was a plus :)

Authentic cutlery..
takes a bit of getting use to

the side dishes varies..some of the other tables were
served with some that were different from ours
They are all refillable :)

All the food were shared by 4 of us ladies
Ginseng chicken soup
Nice Flavor, pity they didn't
de skin the chicken..
so it was kinda oily

Seafood Pancake
there are chives and shrimps in it..
Goes well with the special dipping sauce

normal..which is okay :p

Service could have been a little better...
We had to signal to the waiting staff ( perhaps we chose
the wrong one to help us? ) to refill our
side dishes, and she was also a tad slow
when it comes to refilling our tea :P was an ok experience..quite full

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Open Kitchen Concept said...

I love Korean and I thought the pancakes here were good. The other one that is good is bibigo. Thanks for dropping by my blog. If you are travelling to Malacca, I also shared my itinerary from my recent trip. But be forewarned - it's all abt food..