Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catching up with pals on Election day

It has been a week plus after the watershed Election that will go down in history for Singapore. Too many after thoughts and important decisions followed closely after this event. It was just announced that MM Lee and SM Goh have decided to step down to allow the younger ministers to 'run' our country. It's really about time for MM lee to 'retire'..

Anyhow, did you vote ? I guess you did, unless you are staying at Tanjong Pagar GRC. So yeah, after voting and ran some errands, I went north to Woodlands to visit an ex colleague ! I haven't met him and his wife for the longest time! We thought it would be fun and exciting to watch the election results together :)

Lovely sunset
@ Causeway point :)
Bittersweet feeling
everytime I see a sun set ..

Adreal whipped up a yummy dish of
butter garlic prawns!

there's mayo fruit salad too
and they also ordered pizza

Precious still healthy
and still loves taking photos

They bought a new water feature!
*with the grow & share* :P

Time to watch the election results!

It has been one exciting day for Singaporeans
Let's hope things will improve for us!

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