Saturday, May 07, 2011

Pigging out on Labor Day

Ok, this is only applicable to those of you who have been attached .. Have you felt apprehensive and all nervous when you had to introduce your significant other to your bunch of good friends? I was all jittery many years ago when i brought along what most of us would consider an "ah beng" ( aka someone uncouth, not very refined and often smokes :P ) to meet my gal friends. It was like I could already sensed their disapproval and dismay before they even met him.

It was quite clear that even I couldn't agree with my choice of having someone like him as aboyfriend. I was in my mid twenties; a time of self discovery , of finding myself. Being with that person I guess was part of the process..the rebellious part of me wanted to do something that the nice sweet me wouldn't have otherwise done.

My dearest gal friends have met a few others I dated after mr ah beng. Some were praised while one stood out..he was loathed by all my gal friends. ( It's a long story.spanning a few yrs ) .

Fast forward to 2011..Alex came along. My good friends welcomed him with open arms :D It was blissful seeing how he got along with my dearest friends. I dunno about you..but it is of some importance for my significant other to get along with my friends and family ( and of coz for me to get along with his family n friends too )

So what do good friends do when they meet ? Yeah! Fill our tummies with good food and let the great conversation flow :)

We met for buffet at Furama Hotel on Labor Day. Food was considered fairly okay and all 7 of us went ga ga over the durian pengat. It was full house at the restaurant as they were having a 1 for 1 offer.


beef rendang , potatoes and some veggie

Tom Yum soup

The crayfish were snapped up the minute they were
displayed on the table

mee rebus with prawns? hhaha

With the 1 for 1 offer, this buffet was really
worth eating.. It came up to $52 for each couple..


It was another round of eating at 9pm!
There were 5 of us left and we decided to
pig out on hawker fare

Some yummy treats from
East Coast Park Lagoon

fish ball soup

a tad too dry
hokkien mee

long Q
popular satay bee hoon

tasty rojak

big fat juicy oyster omelette

after looking at these photos..
i just realised that is a hell lot of seafood
we consumed that day! -_-''

our cholesterol must have been sky high now

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