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Breakfast at Loysel's Toy Cafe

2 April 2011

Loysel's Toy Cafe is only 5 mins away from my place. Found out about this cafe while reading Ironladychef's blog. Who would have thought that a lone building at the Kallang River side Park would have a cafe? :P Then again, these days, strange locations are the draw! With so many of us writing on blogs as well as with the help of social network platform, it is not too difficult to gain clientele ( of coz there has to be some selling point of the place to start with )

Loysel's is a charming cafe, one that I wouldn't mind j spending a couple of hours with a few friends, sipping a latte or mocha. It is very very similar to 40hands ( Tiong Bahru) but each of them have their own character .

It was not difficult to locate the building since we somewhat know the area. It is a short walk from Lavendar Mrt, and is also accessible by the way to Kallang Riverside park. ( just opposite Pico Art Building )

The cafe is on the ground floor...

There are no parking lots inside the building itself.
We parked along the road leading to the building

Boy was the cafe packed at 10.30am. We managed to get a table in the air conditioned area, but decided to ditch that table for a cozier setting outside! It was way too noisy inside as the ceiling is low and noise is contained in that tiny area..

There weren't much munchies to choose from from 9am to 11am ..and brunch is only served at 11am.( note to self- will go after 11am the next round )

So he had the scrambled eggs n toast while I opted for the lemon ginger muffin.

the al fresco area at the back of the cafe

cute high stools
but doubt it is anything but uncomfortable

my lemon ginger muffin
*a little strong on the ginger *

His scrambled eggs, toast n bacon
*eggs were nicely done*

realised we were seated at the cafe's
only smoking table :D
and we do not smoke!

the only table with an umbrella!

His latte

My mocha


66 Kampong Bugis
Kallang River Green Building
( Ture)
Singapore 338987

Tel: 94510-236

Tue - Fri
9am -6pm

9am to 7.30pn


We spotted some strange looking trees from our table

Dragged him to explore...

how did they get so mangled together ?

Here's my 2nd time at Loysel's..
and more photos at the riverside park :)

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