Friday, April 01, 2011

Eileen Eats Pizzeria Mozza ( Marina Bay Sands)

Gone are the days where we had limited choices to choose from if we want to have pizzas. I have long struck Pizza hut off as an option for has became a rather distant memory :P

Friends and I have heard about the renowned Pizzeria Mozza that was opened not long ago in Marina Bay Sands Shoppe . It is one of the celebrity restaurants at MBS . Being foodies, we were quite excited to give it a try :)

With the right directions, it was not difficult to locate the restaurant. It is just facing the MBS Theater and very near to the skating ring ( yeah! MBS has a skating ring at where the food court is )

At 12.15pm on a Saturday, the place was almost filled with eager pizza lovers like me! I was shown our table and waited patiently for Jandy, Irene and Melvin to arrive :)

There can't be a better way but to start snapping away with my camera while waiting..

Table setting..
The cutlery are inside the envelope!

There are different paper place mats
on my table :D

While waiting...
I was served with this plate of
complimentary snack..
crispy and crunchy!

My friends 'strolled' in after 15 mins..
and finally we were able to order!

Fried goat cheese with Umbrian lentils
Absolutely delicious!
But then again..only for those who love strong tasting cheese
Goat cheese is an acquired taste
It went surprisingly well with the lentils :)

We ordered 3 pizzas to share :)

Fennel sausage, panna, red onion & scallions

we love the ultra thin crust and how it
tasted like prata!

The toppings were lip -smacking(ly) good

See how crispy the crust is..
looking at this pic makes me
wanna eat it again!!

This pizza is slightly salty
Salumi piccante, mozzarella, tomato & Fresno chiles

All the pizzas were cooked
in wood fire!

Our last pizza
Egg, guanciale, bitterr greens & bagna cuada

How cute is that!
An egg in the middle of the pizza

We were not too sure what to do with the egg..
so..erm.. we broke the yolk
and smear it around!

I love this one most..
has lots of crunchy veggie :D
oh...and of coz smoked meat :P

We shared this..
Caramel copetta with marshmallow sauce &
salted Spanish peanuts

Jandy didn't quite fancy this coz she
is not a big fan of caramel

I love it! The peanuts went well
with the ice cream :D

We had a wonderful time there..

We saw this at the counter top..
how big are your eggs?

Love this place!
I will be back for more! :)

Pizzeria Mozza
2 Bayfront Ave
The Shoppe@Marina Bay Sands

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