Friday, March 18, 2011

Dinner at Brussel Sprouts

I have always found it an inconvenience to travel to Robertson Quay on a weekday evening for dinner. But the lure of mussels and the great company of my friends didn't stop me from the slightly long journey there last week.

It was my first time at Brussels Sprouts , and like most places that serves drinks, there is a happy hour . However, it is for the mussels! It was a pity we missed the happy hour that evening :P but am sure there will always be another time for that.

We did order the mussels anyway .. at the normal price of coz.

Here's a pot of them...
swimming in beer, butter and garlic broth.

totally bad for me..
high in cholesterol!
but oh so yummy

another bucket of mussels
tomato n basil based broth

the buckets of mussesl
were served with free flow of
chunky fries :D

We had salads too

there's poached egg :D

how about some pork belly!?
very nice..I only had a tiny bit of it..

Brussels sprouts has a good selection
of fruit beers!

I love this mango beer

how about some cherry beer?

nice sweet design of the bottle!
this particular bottle tasted like
red wine.. not quite my choice :P

Just two shots of us..
we were busy eating and catching up :)

side profile of Alicia

Was chided by a friend who found out
that I went for mussels..
Oh well.. I must be discipline and not
ruin my health further

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