Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eileen's week day dinners

It was dinner with my aunt a few days ago .

We ate at Din Tai Feng at 313 Somerset as it wasn't too packed and my aunt loves the noodles here.

having eaten at Din Tai Feng many times..
this was our first time ordering this
light and slightly vinegar-ish salad!
Love it :D

We shared the beef noodles
the soup is yummy

ordered the crab meat XLB



Joined Christine & Constance for dinner on another evening. It was Christine's first time at The Hand Burger :)

The kids were there too :D ie Nicole and Conz's son, Edison :)

the kiddies had the
kids' meal.. pink cupcake for the girl,
green one for the boy :)

Nicole enjoying the fresh fruit juice that
came with the meal

Christine had 'The Works'

~Here's my Duck Confit burger~

I quite like it.. the sauce is sweet
and duck is tender enough..

Sharing a moment with her..
She will be 6 yrs old
on 22 March!!

Time files.. it seems just yesterday when she was
still sitting in a stroller


Here's us before dinner~!
we should have been looking into the mirror :P

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