Sunday, March 13, 2011

Milk tea at 12 midnight

The evening started out a little 'cold' , which was quite the norm.. but as the night went on, it became slightly more intimate, and the conversations became easier :P

Perhaps the milk tea and toasts at the hong kong cafe helped ..

ice milk tea
not the best choice at 12 midnight..

New item on the menu?
Think again... :P

food art....
quite therapeutic
my food art...

left over peanut butter
from the thick toast..

laying the foundation for
my art work ...


it was double date night
before toast supper...

been awhile since I went on a double date :P

Thanks Liz and G for the company :)

Dinner at the Singapore Food Trail
wasn't much of a fanfare..

It was an impromptu decision to
catch a movie after dinner

I quite like it..
the male leads were good looking!

* note to self* tea of any sort especially those with caffeine at mid night is a no no
it explained as to why I am even blogging at 2.20am..

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