Thursday, February 24, 2011

The one who watched Voyage de la Vie

*waves to all* Hey :) How has your week been ? Am glad to announce that we have survived 4 days of the wk! Just one more day to the lovely sweet weekend :D

Lots of shxt happened at work this week. Let's just say there were major screwups and harsh words were exchanged. ( oh, it wasn't me but two of my girls :P ) Work being work is never finished.. so let's skip to happier moments of my wk!

It was actually last saturday..

Have you heard of Voyage de la Vie? I wouldn't blame you if you have not.

It is the resident performance staged at Resorts World Sentosa every night. :)

If not for Liz, I probably would never have bought tickets to this performance. Liz was offered complimentary tickets to this show and invited me to join her and her family ^_^

In fact, my mum watched it way earlier than me. The senior citizens group she is in was also given complimentary tickets and they watched it last Dec :)

A search on the web brought up many others who blogged about watching this show too . It seems that ticket sales may not have been ideal...hence might as well invite people to watch instead of letting the seats go empty ( that is very sad for a stage performer , as in to see night after night of empty seats ) .

The performance on the whole was entertaining but it seems they tried to combine a bit of everything in to this 2 hour odd show. That kinda made it very 'rojak' like ..messy. Each segment on it's own was still okay, with some being more memorable than the rest. Seriously wish that there wasn't the sub standard magic acts.

There was the musical element, thrown in with a bit of random magic acts, followed by contortionists bending their ever flexi bodies into unimaginable forms and trapeze actions . I can safely said I only enjoyed the contortionists acts and trapeze moments..honestly, the rest of the segments were really forgettable. One that really stood out was the juggler! He was amazing. And did I mention that the ladies' costumes were simply stunning? Ok, that is it about this performance.

Jonathon Leong was not singing that night, it was his alternate who did * some Filipino guy*

Hmmm.. dun quite like the dragons on the sides
but it was a nice stage and theater

with dear Liz

meet Amanda :)
She's Liz's cute niece
she totally enjoyed the show !

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