Monday, February 21, 2011

Eileen at the Movies

Here are some of the latest movies I've watched.

Love it coz there is
Matt Damon :P and also
story line was interesting..

I can't imagine my arm being caught
in a big boulder

Either you like this movie..or you hate it..
I kinda like it.....
Not sure how much did the local cinema censored
this movie thought..coz I watched the uncut version :P

there were definitely squeamish scenes
so don't say I didn't tell u so :P

Such a heart warming production

Finally caught Great great world with
Wei ting. I like how the characters interacted with
one another and that the dialogue were mostly in dialects.

Not a big horror fan..
a friend had an extra ticket..
so there I was.. :P


Lianne said...

Hi Eileen,

Great blog, I like your beautiful shots of the Sentosa flower show. You have some very interesting posts, especially those of your music ensemble.

The King's speech is excellent, you have to catch that!


Eileen. 静 said...

Hi Lianne

Thanks so much :) Glad that you enjoyed the posts on my music ensemble! We are on a hiatus now but will be back in July this year. Do check back for other entries in the mean time! yeah.. will be catching King's speech soon!