Sunday, February 27, 2011

My recent Shinzi Katoh Purchase :D

The Little Happy Shop had a 'roadshow' recently during the Lunar New Year n Valentines period at Takashimya :)

I popped by to pay Ruthy a visit after work :D

She managed to secure distributorship for Shinzi Katoh's range of teas and they were being sold during the roadshow.

The teas were packed in very pretty, very cute tin cans! They were such a delight to look at. How I wish I can collect all of them! ( err. quite a bit of money there if i were to do that :P )

Cute monkey teapot
& cup set

The happy shop keeper :D

The happy friend & customer ^_^

Here's the tea I purchased
Mascut tea ( muscut?)
It is wine and grape tea

Also got myself this glass jar
It's able to withstand heat too

you can get the teas here!


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