Monday, February 28, 2011

I wanna learn how to ride a bicycle

2 months of 2011 has past and I've managed to keep to some of my promises( to myself. )

-- more trails and walks ( checked!)
-- healthy eating ( checked!)
-- no more citrus fruits ( checked!)
-- lose some weight ( checked!)

There is one nagging resolution that has been at the back of my mind for the longest longest time. An ex boyfriend attempted to do the impossible, ie to teach me how to complete this particular resolution l when I was 21. Can I just say it never happened?

You don't have to start wondering what resolution was that. I am gonna tell you now.

I want to learn how to cycle. *whispers * i can't , i don't know how to cycle.. * ok ok, I can see your eyes dilating and mouth opening wide.... now stop that. :P

For years my friends gasped when I told them I don't know how to cycle. I had to witness their shell shocked expressions . I had the mandatory childhood tricycle , ( my brother inherited it after I grew tired of it) but somehow never progressed to learning the 2 wheel. :( My brother , however, did. He had many other bicycles after that 3 wheel one . It was once his passion.. cycling that is.

okay, back to me... so yeah, it was always me sitting by the picnic table while the rest of my friends raced with one another and getting the wind blowing thru their hair. I could only experience that when a kind friend or my brother decided to ride tandem with me.

It has been years since I rode on a bicycle...It's about time I get serious about this.

Yes, I want to learn how to cycle by my birthday.. (July) . There , I have said it. I have even sourced for places where I can learn.

I do not believe in learning from friends.. That usually will never work for me.. I need a complete stranger teaching me. All I want is to be able to cycle.. I hate it when I let my fears rule me. I need to get past that~

Wish me luck now! :D

* do I hear u saying : why don't you learn from your brother? no..that will never work out as well.. *

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