Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sunday Lunch at Thai Noodles House

We returned to Coronation Arcade after church 2 weeks ago , and wanted to lunch at Curry Wok. It was closed for renovations that weekend . So it was Thai food for lunch then :)

There are a few other eateries there that is worth trying.

Thai Noodles House is popular
with students from NUS and the other
schools in the area.

Simple setup

Took a lomo shot of the chair


Food in our tummies..
Weijie's Pad thai
Not too sweet.. but then
again i am not a pad thai fan..
I like my noodles savory

Weimin's Beef noodles
*not sure if meat is tender..didn't try*

Pineapple rice to share

One good big bowl of tom yam soup!

stir fry veggies
*tad oily* :X

Love this sourish tang hoon salad :)

was so tempted to bring this
plate home :P

Fried tuofu
crispy on the outside..
soft on the inside!

Eat it on its on..
or dip it in the sweet sauce :)

pity the thai ice tea isn't as nice
as some others I have tried..
it's a bit too diluted

No frills dining.. !
Fills the tummy and the tom yam
warms the heart heehee :)

5 Coronation Road, #01-03
Coronation Arcade

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