Saturday, December 25, 2010

Short Getaway to Batam Holiday Inn Resort (ii)

Ah yes, I have meant to post part II of the Batam trip.. but was busy with the festive season and all :)

So yes, we head back by taxi after the dinner at the breezy restaurant. It was a 40 mins drive..

After we put our things down.. we decided to go for a dip in the pool. After we were done with that, we explored the hotel ( it was still early.. only 9 pm ) .

Somehow the yummy aroma of the hotel lobby cafe enticed our tummies so much that we just had to have a bowl of pipping hot ayam soto :D

It's really nice..

ordered some chicken wings for Nicole
but she complained that it was spicy :P

Chris and I chatted till the wee hours while
Nic and her lao gong were fast asleep :)

It was breakfast time at the same lobby cafe the next morning
( inclusive in the package)

It was time for our massage at 9am!

The ambiance at the Tea Tree Spa was
tranquil and soothing

Entrance to the spa

After filling up a form, we were shown to our
'villa" where the massage will take place

The changing area

This is where the massage took place
Chris and I fell asleep half way thru!
It was nice..

nice outdoor jacuzzi

The Lims posing at
the spa entrance

Nicole fell asleep as we were having our massages
and was pestering us to let her go for another dip
in the pool...

sitting along side with the stone tortoise

It's always the same..
Time passes by in a blink of an eye
when we are having fun!
It was time to check out :(

The hotel mini bus took us to the jetty..

Here's one for the album :)


On board the ferry..
there's an open air area on this ferry

more foto moment :D

dark clouds looming

check out her emo look -_-''

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