Thursday, December 30, 2010

at least i can control my weight....

We have come to the end of 2010...I am facing some challenges at the moment ..

There are many things that are beyond our controls . So guess what, my weight and my own emotions are two things I can control. I have been controlling my diet and been consistently cutting down on meat intake as well as not drinking fizzy drinks. ( and yes, avoiding a whole list of food item the doctor told me not to eat )

I have been told that I do look slimmer now..and face seem to be slightly smaller too. I don't burp as often as I used to and seldom suffer from a bloated tummy now!

It sure feels good to be able to put on a dress from 5 yrs ago and not feel bloated! I hardly wear this dress as it was tight and it was constricting my bloated tummy

Here's a photo of me from Dec 2005...the first time I wore this dress..

5 yrs later...

Team it with a Zara jacket..


Recently bought two new bags....

Japanese brand
cache cache
( from Isetan)

Leather bag
Bought from Ion

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