Thursday, December 23, 2010

Short Getaway to Batam Holiday Inn Resort (i)

Date: 17, 18 Dec

Venue : Batam

I had yet another short getaway over the weekend :)

I know many of you have been to Batam..but erm.. it's my virgin visit to this island that is but just 1 hour away .

We went on a Friday, stayed over night and was back by 5 pm the next day :)


The ferry set off at 12.10, bringing us to Batam Waterfront. Batam is one hour behind Singapore's timing.

Chrissy and I all excited

Let's frown for the camera!

Some sights and scenes along the way...
Legends of the Sea docks at Harbor Front!
I wish I was there instead! haha

Condos being built
at Keppel

And before we knew it.. we have arrived in Batam..
It was pretty easy breezy ..There is no fuss really..
A mini bus from the hotel was already waiting for us after
clearing the customs.

Holiday Inn Batam is only 3 mins away from the customs!

A quick view of the surroundings

It was clean and nice!


Our accommodation for the night was in a 2 bedroom suite
I shared the room with Nicole :)

Check it out!

This is my room..
It doesn't comes with an attached bathroom
You have to walk out of the room to use the bathroom

This is the other room...much bigger :)

Here's the living room

View from the balcony


It didn't take us too long before we
were on our way to one of the
popular malls in Batam.

It cost us about s$16 to travel to
Nagoya Hill Shopping Center.
We have heard so much about the A & W at this place
But sadly.. it was quite a disappointment ...

This 2 sets plus 2 root beer float cost us about S$14
ooh but the curly fries were yummy

We went grocery shopping at the hypermart

Random shots..all yellow..

We bought some drinks and food items
at the well as shoes for Nicole!
They were a steal at S$10 a pair .

More travelling beckoned us...
We went to this place which many
Singaporeans go to for lunch

Nothing fantastic..we kinda regretted
but luckily the surroundings n cool breeze
made up for the so so food

the condiments ...
there is raw garlic :D

some dishes we ordered..

Stay tune for our supper pics at the
hotel restaurant :P

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