Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dinner at Skinny pizza, coffee at Robert Timms

Have had a couple of gatherings with my pals during this festive season :)

Recently met my dear friend Alicia for dinner and coffee . We had a great time catching up as usual.

Dinner took place at Skinny Pizza. I am won over by their variety of pizzas! Crust is very very thin and they have lots of interesting pizzas :)

Truffles Fries
It was okay.. not something to die for

drawings on the tiles

looking good!

Great big smile !

Prices at Skinny pizza is pretty affordable..

We shopped abit..and later move on to
Robert Timms at Wheelock

They took over Borders Bistro

We shared the Irish Cream cake
Thumbs up ! it has different textures to it :D

coffee isn't too bad...
I was suppose to stay away from it..
but a small cup once a blue moon wouldn't kill :P

More food and getaway pics coming up!

Stay tune!

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